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A Woman Called EVE

Ebook - ISBN-13: 9781915778727 £1.99 - $2.99
Sunny days and warm evening do not always make for love and happiness.

At first, it surprised Aiden when he got the news his father was getting married to someone he had just met on holiday in Italy. Then he became suspicious, then paranoid. Who was this woman, and what was she after? His father was wealthy, very wealthy.
When Aiden met Eve, Dominic's new wife, she was not what he expected. He instantly fell in love with her and desired her. Everything Dominic has, Aiden wants.
After a brief stay with Aiden and Sophia, his fiancée, Aiden returned with the happy couple to Italy, leaving Sophia behind to join them later.
Sophia was happy for Dominic and Eve, and the arrangement with Aiden—then one of them dies…

Who is this woman called EVE
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