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Beneath The Veils_cvr-v1b1.jpg


EBOOK - ISBN-13: 9781915778505 £1.99 - $2.99

She wanted a career... He wanted a family... He broke his promise...

Parties were not Adley’s thing. Yet, he walked into a crowd of people he had never met before. But it wasn’t the crowd of men who caught his attention; it was the beautiful slim blonde woman that stood amongst them.

Smiling and chatting, Barbara captivated everyone, including Adley. But was she out of his league? It didn’t matter—he wanted her. 

‘Dance with me?’ Who was this man who dared to ask when she was with another—but she was intrigued. So, while they danced, he made promises he could never keep.

The holiday he promised her was meant to be one of relaxing with friends and children. But control does not make a loving relationship. And sometimes relationships are deadly—was this one of them?

The holiday turns to disaster. And Life becomes a scramble to protect Barbara from the truth. As their lives unfold, they fill with secrets? But secrets are not always based on the truth—so who will separate them? 

Sometimes, mother or father is just a name.

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