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EBOOK - ISBN-13: 9781915778529 £1.99

When does a crime become a crime, when it is reported...

Cecelia, a journalist with a history of mental illness, is approached by Angelina, a nurse working in a fertility clinic. She relates a story of unethical practices happening at the clinic involving abortions. The next day Angelina ends up under a bus—was this suicide? Suspicious, Cecelia investigates the clinic, where she discovers for herself what is actually going on.  

Every move brings her into ever-increasing danger, but she’s got to continue to get her story to bring to the attention of the world…

  Will she succeed in her struggle, and survive the danger of this world of illegal abortions and the cruelty of these criminal people with power and money?  

  A story of fear, control, and death, with twists and turns throughout and a final sting in the tale…

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